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Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

Tejas has been writing code since age 8. Since then, he has worked either full-time or contractually for Spotify, Vercel, G2i, and others, picking up things along the way. His jobs have been some mix of Individual Contributor (coding-heavy) roles, and managerial roles between companies.

Today, as Director of Developer Relations at Xata, he travels the world equipping and encouraging developers to do their best work, aiming to make the world a better place through quality software.

Tejas Kumar's Talk

Digging into Virtual Scrolling

Tuesday, 6th – 14:40

In this talk, we’ll explore what it takes to implement virtual scrolling in the browser from scratch, with vanilla JavaScript and some HTML and CSS hacks that are necessary to work around existing constraints. Come along as we explore this together, and come away with a richer knowledge of and appreciation for the web.

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