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Christine Vallaure

Christine Vallaure

Christine is a UX/UI Designer with over ten years of experience and founder of She has worked internationally, in-house, and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, and startups. She cares deeply about creating well-thought-through and aesthetic products, and she firmly believes that designers should understand code and that UX/UI is a match made in heaven.

Currently, she is running full-time and also writing about Design & Code on Medium and Smashing Magazine.

She loves Figma, sunshine, and Dieter Rams and hates writing about herself, so let’s meet her in Figjam instead!

Christine Vallaure's Talk


Know a few things about Figma — even when you are a developer. Figma has become the tool of choice for many digital designers, and it has definitely made designers and developers come a lot closer already. In this talk, Figma expert Christine will show a few key Figma treasures that will make everybody’s life a little bit more delightful.

Christine will also give a workshop on Wednesday on everything Figma.