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Vlad Filippov

Vlad Filippov

Vlad is a software engineer working on the Web at Mozilla. His work has roamed widely: from desktop web development, to mobile, Android and games. He loves software testing, automation, and reverse engineering. His current focus is the Rust programming language. In the moments he is not coding, Vlad plays tennis and reads comments on the Internet.

Vlad Filippov's Talk

Friday, 21st – 09:00 AM – 09:30 AM

Mozilla Just over 8 months ago Web Assembly / WASM became an official Web Standard. This standard is a new frontier for front-end development that enables new possibilities to build more advanced projects, speed up their applications and learn new concepts. Even though fairly new, WebAssembly is already here in tools, libraries and large web applications.

There are many ways to get started with WebAssembly. In this technical session we are going to go through a way to add WASM to your existing projects. This session focuses on helping you make the choice and evaluate if and where WASM would be successful in your work. We are also going to look at some cool demos and innovations that are made possible through WebAssembly.