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Chris Gannon

Chris Gannon

Chris is an independent animator, illustrator and interactive designer from the UK. He specialises in delicious interactive SVG animation and has worked his magic on some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) companies. His fresh and experimental approach to his work has been recognised with multiple CSS Design awards and recently he’s noticed he has an unnatural obsession with eggs and outer space.

Chris Gannon's Talk

Make It Move! Create A Web Animation From Scratch

Tue, 25th – 3:10 PM

Web animators are often handed a vector file (and sometimes even a flat JPEG) and asked to make it move. This can be quite daunting because of the many processes and decisions required to create and build a web animation from scratch. In this session, Chris will live code an SVG and JavaScript animation. He'll show you how he prepares, structures and exports graphics and he’ll talk about the various creative, design and coding decisions he makes along the way. Hopefully, they'll contribute to a delightful animation! ;-)

You’ll learn how to create and structure graphics for web animation, how to make and balance creative and technical decisions, how tiny details can make a big impact in animation, and a bit of Greensock functionality along the way.

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