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Diana Mounter

Diana Mounter

Diana leads the Design Infrastructure team at GitHub. Over the past 3+ years, Diana has led large-scale updates to GitHub's UI, helped improve the operations of the Product Design org, and built a team of talented systems designers and engineers that are continuing to evolve Primer—GitHub's open-source design system.

In her spare time, Diana runs the NYC Chapter of the Design Systems Coalition. She also coauthored the Design Systems Handbook, and writes and speaks about design, code, and team collaboration.

Diana Mounter's Talk

The Secret Lives Of Color Systems

Wed, 26th – 3:00 PM

Design systems are built on top of many other systems, and each part has to be designed in context with the rest. Color is no different, and it's often particularly challenging to work with.

In this talk Diana will be sharing her journey into color, from the technical challenges to how people respond to it. She'll show you the work behind updating large scale web applications like GitHub, testing the interaction of color with other parts of a design system, creating color naming conventions, color contrast, and using color systems outside of the product UI.