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Jules Forrest

Jules Forrest

Jules Forrest is a senior product designer leading design systems at Credit Karma. She focuses on creating internal tools that help teams ship high-quality and accessible products.

She also built Women Who Design, a directory of accomplished women in the design industry. Outside of work, she likes experimenting with CSS Grid on CodePen.

Jules Forrest's Talk

For The Love Of The Grid

Wed, 26th – 11:50 AM

CSS is more powerful than ever but designs that match its growing potential are lagging behind. How do you retrain yourself to propose layouts that weren't feasible before? How do you wrap your mind around actually building them?

To explore the opportunities made possible by CSS Grid, Jules challenged herself to recreate and reimagine static graphic design works for the web. In this session, she will code a CSS Grid demo from a beautifully complex, previously impractical work of print design.