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Steven Hoober

Steven Hoober

Steven Hoober wrote the book on mobile design patterns, and is best known for his ongoing research into how people really use touchscreen phones and tablets. He is a reformed unicorn who has been a DBA and a FED but has focused on designing for mobile and multi-channel products since 1999, designing the first Google mobile search, the first mobile app store (for Sprint), mobile browsers including parts of the Samsung one you might be using right now, websites like and Lowe's home improvement, and apps for companies like Hallmark, US Bank and Cummins diesel.

Steven maintains a repository of mobile design and development information including all the content from the O'Reilly book Designing Mobile Interfaces at the 4ourth Mobile Patterns Wiki, regularly writes for UX Matters magazine, and UX Magazine, among other writing and speaking.

Steven Hoober's Talk

Authentic Digital Design, By The Numbers

Tue, 25th – 5:20 PM

Today’s world is full of open, and airy, beautiful, tediously identical, and unusable designs. Trends shouldn’t be taken too far, and we can easily make modern interfaces that work.

Being authentically digital doesn’t just mean removing gradients and woodgrains. We have learned how people really use their mobile phones and tablets, and Steven has leveraged his research into an easy to remember, human-centered design system. Let’s keep our principles in mind, and design for how people look, see, touch, and expect their various devices to work for them, so they find, understand, and transact better.

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