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Hayley Hughes

Hayley Hughes

Hayley Hughes hails from the hot deserts of Arizona and the humid forests of Georgia. She's an artist turned graphic designer turned experience designer who resides in sunny Austin, Texas and works remotely from everywhere. Hayley is currently a Design Director for Nike’s Design System. Previously, she established the IBM Design Language, operationalized the Airbnb DLS, and led an evolution of Shopify’s Polaris Design System. Her work is featured in IBM’s “26 Innovations by 26 Innovative Women” and she is a certified Design Thinking Leader. Outside of work, Hayley likes to play Scrabble with senior citizens, throw tennis balls to her poodle, and eat Japanese comfort food with her partner.

Hayley Hughes's Talk

Thinking Big and Small

November 15 – 8:50 AM

One constant of design systems is that they’re always changing. As they morph and grow, our understanding of them evolves. In this talk, Hayley will share examples of how apparently small shifts in design systems can make a big difference in how we think about them, and how we continue to recast their role. She will also have a good look (& celebrate) the diversity of systems, and highlight the variety of ways they’re fit for purpose.

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